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Give yourself a quiet moment, a simple discovery of yourself and increase your confidence in your creative powers. It's a kind of meditation that broadens your sense of observation. It's also an opportunity to experiment with techniques, express your creativity and acquire self-control.

The aim is not to finish the creation, but to start it.

Language: English and French

Book your workshop

Private workshops

Feel free to ask us to hold private workshops for your friends, family members for various occasions.

Both simple techniques and embroidery are possible.

Location: in Brussels, up to client's request or in the shop Orybany

Minimum Age: 12 years-old

Maximum number of participants: 7


I participated in two workshops. A real moment of relaxation to the rhythm of the little pearls that are threaded one after the other until the birth of a jewel.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-21 at 15.19.46.jpeg


The workshops are so soothing and empowering. The jewel is beautiful and gentle but make me powerful while I wear it ;)



I've had the privilege of creating a few pieces that came out beautiful. I love the quality of the beads!

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