Volunteers raise awareness about domestic violence

As you know, the models who feature on my page are all volunteers. Below they are telling more about why they collaborated with me and what prevention of domestic violence means to them.

Bori is originally from Hungary but lives in Belgium for many years. She volunteered at the latest photoshoot.

Past experiences proved the importance of "me-time"; I had to learn to listen to my body and to slow down from time to time. Doing some artwork as making jewellery with Edit, refreshes my mind, helps to relax my body and gives joy to my soul. Her passion led me back to my childhood experiences when I could spend days creating necklaces. Edith's enthusiasm has brought me back already three times to her workshops (and I will certainly attend more), and now I'm proud to wear those beautiful pieces for a photoshoot. Her mission is really close to my heart; speaking so openly about severe issues and horrible experiences, such as domestic violence, shows how deeply it is embedded in our society and helps us to educate the next generation to discover the signals and prevent tragedies.’


'I come from India and work in Belgium as an IT manager. I have immense love towards art and dance. I volunteered for this shoot as I have seen Edith's jewellery art collections, and also her work about domestic violence against women made me more eager to collaborate with her. Independency and confidence are the most expensive jewel for women and Edith is bringing them out perfectly with Tulipane Design. I would be more than happy to join her workshops in future.’

Silvana and Vittoria

They were the faces of last year's winter collection.

'I chose to volunteer for many wonderful reasons, being one of them their voice regarding domestic violence. It is a difficult cause, and we need initiatives like this that still believe in a positive change, in freedom and protection of our girls and women. It has been a long journey and the path ahead is still challenging worldwide, therefore we need to keep joining efforts.'

I had the opportunity to volunteer at this project as a model for Edith’s creations as I really believe that her cause and the enthusiasm, she put in it can have a high impact on domestic violence. Edith contributes with her jewellery project to raise awareness on it, to help women make deep connections, share their stories and of course build solidarity about this issue. With her project you can really think: "We’re stronger together!"


She is a Belgian photographer.

'I wanted to broaden my horizons by photographing something other than weddings, loving couples and families. So, when Edith asked me to collaborate with her to photograph her jewellery collection, I was immediately delighted. Especially that since the very beginning there has been a very good feeling among us and we also share many common values including, among others, tolerance, respect, love of animals and the importance of sisterhood in everyday life. Moreover, her fight against violence against women touches me a lot and it’s an honour to take part indirectly in this fight by highlighting his beautiful creations as best as I can.'