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Creating a unique experience for women: the Day of Well-being and Creativity

I have been long looking for a unique experience where I can freely be Myself and from where I can go home relaxed and ready for action, because I have discovered some new ways of living better my life. I have not found it, so I created it.

To achieve this, I teamed up with coaches, teachers, artists specialised in different domains to create this for women. So, the Day of Well-being and Creativity was born... 

A Vision for more sisterhood

Since 2023, the Day of Well-being and Creativity happens twice a year in Brussels, curated by me and dedicated Tulipane Design volunteers.

We have a vision of creating a unique experience where the well-being of women is in the center, through conversations, movements, dance, art workshops and healthy way-of-living. We create a space and opportunity for women to spend some time with consciousness, mindfulness, relaxation, recreation, personal development, togetherness and sisterhood.

A day of well-being and creativity, where women can freely be Themselves and from where they can go home relaxed and ready for action, because through the workshops they have discovered new ways of living better their life.

To re-create this authentic connection between women, we organise the event in the two very important months for women:

·       In March: for the occasion of the International Day of Women’s rights;

·       In November: for the occasion of the Day fighting violence against women.


At the event, women of all ages, from all walks of life can meet, and form a community around the same principles. We expect between 100 and 130 open-minded participants to the workshops.

We hope that this unique experience will also create a sense of belonging and connection.

The venue

The venue is Elzenhof, a sustainable venue in Brussels, focused on zero waste and harmony with nature. It is not only that, is also a community centre: it brings people together at an affordable price. 

Artists & Structure

Together with 15 artists, coaches, teachers, we offer a diverse programme focused on the MIND, BODY and SOUL:

  • Under the MIND Pillar, you can find coaching on burnout-prevention, time management, fighting imposterism, meditation and discussions on feminist topics.

  • Under the BODY Pillar, you can engage in different movement practices such as dancing, yoga, and you can join the conversations on sexuality or environmentally responsible cooking.

  • The SOUL Pillar consists of workshops focusing on jewellery making, painting, crochet, illustration or reflexology.


Besides the workshops, we have a dedicated networking space where the participants can connect to each other, discover local artists' products and can have a coffee/tea and snacks .

Next edition

It will be organised on 30 November (Saturday) 2024, at Elzenhof (Ixelles) between 10h and 21h.

The full Agenda and Tickets will be available in September 2024.

Hope you enjoy the event and feel free to let us know what you liked and we should improve.




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