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Digital tools to help women victims of violence

I did a bit of research into the tools that already exist in and around Belgium to prevent violence against women or help victims. Here's a summary of what I found:

Application App-Elles

It enables anyone who is (potentially) the victim of aggression in the public or private sphere to take action:

  • access a smart map which, based on the victim's location, identifies all the help services in the vicinity,

  • call the emergency services (101) via an easily accessible button on a smartphone,

  • transmit the victim's geolocation to pre-selected and designated people, and possibly trigger an alert to enable immediate contact to be made,

  • make an audio recording of their immediate environment and have access to these recordings, which are saved on a server belonging to Résonnantes so that they can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

This is a French innovation, but it is also accessible and free in Belgium. Download it here:

Free Belgian hotline : If you have any questions or need to talk about your situation in complete discretion, you can contact the free helpline on 0800/30.030. It is anonymous and run by professionals specialising in domestic violence.

You can also make an appointment with the outpatient department of the Brussels Prevention Centre. You can find all the contact details here. You will be offered individual support on psychological, social and administrative issues.

Safe WiFE: is a digital programme that supports you from the very first signs. Safe Wife gives you the keys to help you become aware of the reality of your situation and plan the actions you need to take to get out of it for good.

A 50-question Test is available free of charge to help you analyse your situation in depth:

Once the test has been completed, 3 key stages are proposed: Understand - Decide - Act.

You can find the manual on the website :

Application THE SORORITY

THE SORORITY is a caring community of protection, mutual aid and sharing, with over 57,000 women and people from gender minorities ready to take action on a daily basis to ensure their safety and fulfilment. Together, we can tackle domestic violence, violence within the family and all forms of harassment.

THE SORORITY app is free and available on the Android and iOs stores worldwide. Anyone can use it at any time to find a sympathetic ear, help, support or a safe place to flee to in the event of immediate danger.

Application TapeACall Pro

As threats and breaches of protection orders often take place over the telephone, it is useful to record telephone conversations with your attacker. TapeACall allows you to record incoming/outgoing phone calls without telling the third party that they are being recorded.

Recording and retrieving audio files is fairly straightforward.

The Pro version costs $9.99. TapeACall Lite is free but only gives you access to the first 60 seconds of playback.

Gethelp: it's a tool to help you get rid of harassment and aggression in the street and finally be able to go out with peace of mind.

GetHelp is a Belgian innovation that uses a mobile application and a key fob that are connected to each other. Thanks to them, you can warn your loved ones when you find yourself in a dangerous situation by telling them your location and/or simply make your phone ring to simulate an incoming call on your phone. An alarm is also available.

MyEli is a brand of connected jewellery. By clicking on the jewel, an automatic call alerts your 5 emergency contacts, followed by a text message including your geolocation in real time (for 5 minutes). A recording is also triggered as soon as you click on the notification on your smartphone. It's a bit expensive (at least €100) but beautiful all the same.

See here more details :

Don't hesitate to let me know about your experience with these tools and if you know of any other prevention tips.

I look forward to hearing from you,



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